Writing - The Person I am Today! (2.5k veiws)

Today with a wide spread grin i write this post. The blog has completed 2.5k views today and God its overwhelming. i know its nothing much. but right now being in tenth with not publishing it anywhere but on Google+ its an achievement. Really. I feel blessed to have this blog. And today i wanna share my story of developing into a writer.

It all started when i was in fourth standard. I still remember the craze for being the part of the immensely coveted Khoj Science Festival. It was basically a DAV initiative and at that time our school too was a DAV affiliated school. Now we are a CBSE affiliated school. So that time my English teacher Mrs. Joyce Fernandez asked me to write an article on the topic "Why I wanna be an astronaut?" So likely interested i wasn't at that time knowing that it was for Khoj. But then when my teacher asks me to do something even till date i do it with utmost pleasure and determination. Except when it is completion of notebooks and journals. And i gave her my final draft the next day. She was very pleased reading the write up and decided that i would present it in front of the judges as an elocution. It was the first time i was going to attend something like that of an elocution. I was very excited as it was the first ever khoj of my life. I spoke with utmost confidence and everyone enjoyed the last  line that i still remember-"I don't now have to ask "Papa par main kaam kya karungi?" I am all set to be a superb astronaut." Even if I didn't win any prize it was a learning experience and being able to express my thought with some 50 unknown people it boosted my confidence.

Next was when I was in fifth standard. The school was hosting an inter house debate competition and I wasn't quite interested in it. But then again my alma mater Joyce ma'am was hell annoyed with me and asked me to get my shit together and prepare a declamation in a day. Like today she asked me to do it and we had the competition tomorrow. Great! But yet i prepared for the topic Project Tiger and gave an enthusiastic declamation and also exceeded the time limit. I won the second prize and i literally dedicated it to Joyce ma'am.

Next was when I  was in seventh standard. I was again chosen for Khoj but this time not for elocution but for project presentation. I still remember the hard work we exhibited in those 30 days to put up our idea of a green, technologically advanced and with the least pollution generating model. I remember the way i was trembling and shaking horrifically when i first gave the presentation in front of our Principal Shashtri ma'am. I cried like hell after that but that only made me overcome my fear of stage and people. I remember in front of the judges how i confidently gave the presentation and even answered all his questions. Every other participant was stunned with our practical approach at the presentation. And then again I was snatched and forced to write for the on-the-spot creative writing. It was a phrase we had to continue and write a paragraph on "If the present scenario of pollution continues..." I scribbled every instant thought that came to me and finished it in less than 5 minutes as my parents were to come to visit my presentation. The next day was prize distribution. After the speeches and formal welcome to the guests the first prize for the evening was announced which left me spell bound. "The prize for On-the-spot creative writing goes to Aditi Tiwari, J.H. Ambani School, Lodhivali." Shit!  I stood up transfixed at my position. I couldn't possibly walk. My teachers and friends hooted for me and it was the best feeling in the world to receive a trophy for your piece of writing.

Next was when I was in eight grade. I don't know why but the great this don't come with much of planning in my life. My class teacher Sakhre Sir asked me to meet him immediately. I rushed to him and he asked me to give a speech in the morning assembly tomorrow in front of the guests from Reliance Industries, Patalganaga. Damn! Why do i always get only one day for preparation?Yet i agreed. The next day he was petrified to know that i didn't bring the write up with me but i assured him i knew it well. That day I think the orator with-in me was high on adrenaline. I spoke with all the hand gestures and with the utmost confidence reflecting in my voice. I would face the delegates while speaking, I would ask the audience and i would speak. Mr. Ramamurthy I remember praised me a lot for my speaking skills. I was thrilled and next came our principal. It was over whelming. He said that i spoke like a leader and at my age where most of the students face stage fright i was an esteemed orator and an asset for my school. Followed by the series on appreciation by every teacher that came for lecture that day. I was on cloud nine.Forget nine there's no counting.

In ninth grade, my English teacher was behind me to submit a write up for the school magazine. The first ever.  I was irritated and thus submitted a poem in Hindi deliberately to put off the constant pestering. Its this thing that whenever i wrote a masterpiece it was solemnly because of my teachers. Later when the magazine was launched and i turned its pages and reluctantly kept it my bag. Later my friends came going all gaga about my writing skills and showed me something that left me rooted to my spot. It was published in the school magazine. Awesome! 

And then today i am writing this article. Today I am doing all the typing for our e-magazine this year to be launched on the 24th Annual Day 2015-16. I am helping for the back-drop presentation. I am the lead dancer and choreographer for Mrunalini Ma'am's dance and at the last anchoring the annual day with some friends. I couldn't ask for more and for the cherry on cake, I have got a travel report of our Manali Trip, an article on Attacks of 26/11 and a poem again Hindi being published in this years edition of e-magazine. I am thrilled. That's all I can say!  


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