Love III

Listening to an infinite loop of Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon and Tere Bina for the last two hours and talking to people. Not a more satisfying situation I could be in. First of all those songs shake the soul out of me and then I am left to ponder over all the happy sad memories I have. The realization itself hurts so much. That all I have is memories. And you know what hurts the most that I lost a precious friend. I could easily lose a boyfriend and get over it but losing a friend like him has hurt me. For once if I had not confessed my feelings to him it would have been so easier and just the same. For today, we don't even properly talk. Its really hurting to see the person whom you talked day and night in struggling for words to talk to you. It hurts that the person who was so comfortable to talk to you can't even return a smile. It hurts that the whole world asks you whats hurting you and he doesn't even notice that you are hurting. He has moved on and I still struggle to think about anything but him. Forgetting everything and moving on seems so distant things. Its like the knot that can't be ever solved. Like it still is hurting like it did for the first time. Its like everything today, being endowed with so much of responsibilities, gaining the lost trust of your teachers, and everything seems so useless for the only reason I did that was because someone told me once "Image sudhaar ke baat karna." And till date I have worked for getting and earning a reputed image but it seems that I am late!   


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