Under the tree - the final chapter

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The final chapter.
The annual day.  The biggest event of all.  The most fun-filled and awaited.  It was that time of the year for about fifteen days we would put an halt to our studies and immerse ourselves in dance.  and this year is was more fun.  As I made great new friends on the way.  Friends so close that without them I can't imagine my life now. And its the best feeling of the world.  Our performance was the last one. We waited a long time but when it arrived we danced our hearts out.  It was all over and I was left with tears of at the end.  It  was the time for a wrap.  I spotted Aarav sitting at the corner.  I went to him and keeled in front.  Though not in a relationship p we were friends. 
"What happened? "
" Nothing. "
" Really now! "
" Just I don't feel good. "
" Why? "
" Because it was my last annual day. "
" Awww so what? "
" So I would miss this all.  The craziness the fun the everything. "
And with that he began sulking.  I put one hand around his neck and one on his shoulder. But only for less than a microsecond. He stood up roughly and started walking coldly. I followed him.
" What's wrong with you? "
"Then why always you have to behave this way."
"Well i am behaving normally."
"No you aren't."
"Yes I am."
"Oh sorry, I forgot you hate me."
"You think so."
"Its the truth."
"Again, you think it is."
"So whats the truth then haan Aarav, why is that you always.. leave it."
"What.. what always?"
"Ananya. Now!"
"That you always push me away."
"its not like that."
"Oh really, then why is it that you can never talk to me normally? Why is it that you always have to behave coldly? Why is that you can't even return a smile? Why is that we can't act normal?"
"Because you always mess it up!"
"I mess it up? And how?"
"Yeah, you always do. With you damn feelings. Its just that I am not comfortable with you."
"But why God dammit? Its not like I want you to talk to me in front of your class your friends or for that matter in front of anyone. Yet only when you are talking to me too you have problem and what is it I just don't get."
"You don't need to. Just.."
"Just stay away from me."
A lone tear trickled down my face. I wanted to say so many things to him right now but I just couldn't. The voice won't crack out of my throat. It surely had an effect on me. For always I have known that Aarav was never the least fond of me but something like this was not expected. I never knew that Aarav could hate me so much to ask me something like this. But that was fine with me as if this was what he wanted I would too oblige. I just left from there. I couldn't walk of the physical and emotional exhaustion. I sat on the staircase that lead the ground to the school. I was crying badly. I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. I looked up and found the exact person I needed know and the only person who could console me right now. My eyes were blood-shot red and that some how made her eyes moisten. I got up and placed a hand on her waist and she placed one on my shoulder.
"Wanna walk?"
"What happened?"

The Official End.

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. All Rights Reserved. DBA. 


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