Cooking.. and eating of course!

It was just another boring day of the never ending holidays you get once you face X. A relief and much needed break without the homework! But after some initial days of enjoyment you don't really have much to look forward to. And for me I follow a routine everyday. I'd wake up late and before my mind can register its already lunch time and the slow bore afternoon kicks off. Thanks to the new net connection I just think for a second or two and download a flick and watch it till its time that the outdoors are cool enough to road around in the colony. Coming back to dinner and going out again for badminton followed until the great Indian Premier League kept everyone glued to their flats. 

Well nothing is forever and thus this schedule bored me enough to make some changes. Rather than watching silly movies or sleeping today when I woke up I came straight to YouTube to look at some recipes while my stomach made abrupt noises declaring the hunger pang for breakfast. I am not a breakfast kind of person but I am human and I am seldom hungry. Well I've always enjoyed eating but cooking the food you eat is a different kind of joy you get. It always irked me to stand for hours in the kitchen as it was no inborn talent. But then spending some time in the kitchen when mumma would ask to turn off the flame after X whistles or just stirring the pan so as to it does not stick and burn made my dislike for cooking go away. 

Then came the turning point, as in every story has, I started watching then Fox Traveler and now Fox Life. Watching the chefs cooking with utmost joy and curiosity, I started assisting my mom in the cooking. Chopping veggies was something that I didn't acclaim as my cup of tea back then. Because surely it wasn't. And even now I can't complete a dish without getting some cuts. But you know the satisfaction you get after cooking a dish perfectly it awesome. And nothing till date compares to that. 

Now its a everyday routine to try something new because I get bored easily. To get your first cake right , to get your first bread right, your pasta or any curry and rice right really feels good. It was my first bread today and I kinda nailed it. It feels great to cook and eat and also get to listen to compliments for that. Cooking was indeed heredity passed on from mumma and papa both. I think it runs in the family. And on any random Saturday when papa is home and we cook I bet its better than roaming in a mall or at any other place. I love cooking now and it came at a leisurely pace as a surprise.

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