5 of the best couples in the history of TV

1. Castle and Beckett (Caskett)

The reason why I love Castle and Beckett from the infamous ABC Crime - Romance - Drama Castle is because they are nothing like each other. One is a best selling author and the other is a NYPD hotshot detective. They never made sense on paper but who cares? They were magical together. The chemistry they shared is something I haven't seen ever before. They were too good to be true. And thus they rank first in my list.

2. Chandler and Monica (Mondler)

Chandler and Monica from the Bright Kauffman and Crane produced F.R.I.E.N.D.S the famous sit-com caught my attention since the beginning. They are very cute and with Chandler's sarcasm and Monica's cooking skills they are going to go a long way. They started going out in the fifth season and were the first ones to get married of course after Ross's failed marriages. Well they were easy going and fun to watch.

3. Ross and Rachel (Rosschel)

Ross and Rachel are another couple from the Bright Kauffman and Crane produced F.R.I.E.N.D.S and they were a pretty great couple too. They went on and off again and again but that's whats unique about them. Even after breaking up so many time they would always find a way back to each other. Yes "We were on a break" and "I got off the plane" were some of the best moments of the show they were really good together.

4. Harvey and Donna (Darvey)

Harvey and Donna from the renowned USA produced Suits were a great couple. Though they aren't an official couple yet they share a great bond which is beyond the chemistry and relationships from the other couples on this list. They were absolutely perfect and a classy couple. We all hope that the cupid strikes for them soon. And admit it we all wondered what was the ritual with the can opener.

5. Nathan and Haley (Naley)

Nathan and Haley from the celebrated Warner Bros. production One Tree Hill were the reason I chose to write this post in the first place. Though being mismatched they were perfect together. They were really awesome and a dear couple. They set benchmarks for the upcoming shows and proved what it takes t be a perfect couple is just one thing - love.

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