Read : It's Good

Lately, I felt kinda detached to the habit of reading that I possess. But then I went over to Amazon and ordered for myself a couple of good books to read and got on track again. Reading helps you a lot. You can start reading at any point of age but make sure that once you start it don't give up on it quickly. It may take some time to get used to it and I know reading a 350 page novel is not everyone's cup of tea but here are a few tips to start reading as a productive habit. Try to break the book into parts and then read it. But before that you gotta start with picking up a book. Now there are tons of great books out there so which one do you read? Its easy. Just sort out your likes. It maybe the type of movies you like. For instance, I like romantic comedies so the same interest prevails when I read books. So it could be the type of movies you like to watch or the type of person you are also matters a lot when you decide which type of book to read. Illustratively, if you are an introvert then the books about crime and mystery may intrigue you. Or if you are an extrovert then books about romance and travel are the ones you may find your interest brewing into. So once you have picked a book of your choice, then you need to break it up. Now some people may suggest that you don't need to read the acknowledgement and the preface but I am totally against that type of notion. Reading about the writer may help you better understand the story because every other writer has his own way of writing and a particular point of view that is distinguishable. So, for a first timer reading 2-3 chapters in a day won't be a bad start.  And then when you make up speed you might read half a book in a day. Now reading is a very productive activity. When you read, you imagine the scenes taking place in your mind. You create the personality of the characters in your mind and mostly relate with one character more than the other. When you finish a book you are left with so much of the good stuff. You imagine how things would have been if a certain incident didn't take place in the story. You try to think with different point of views. The character which leaves the deepest impact on you while reading mingles with who you are. You extract subconsciously the traits of the personality of your favorite character and embody it in your life. Reading changes you as a person. It makes you better. You try thinking everything intellectually. It improves your vocabulary and if you read aloud (which is recommended) it improves your reading and speaking skills. Reading aloud with emotions and contrasting tones will help you to be a better speaker in life. At the end, reading leaves you with so much to wander about and makes you a better person than you were before you picked the book. So Read On! 


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