Change for the good!

A day that won't repeat itself in the near future. I took a leave from school today to go the camp set up by the government for my learning license. We stood there from 9.30 to 1.45 straight for about four hours to get the work done. And then after coming back home I went to play cricket because however bad my legs
hurt cricket is love and there are days when I have no one to play with. So coming back to the point of writing this post was while I was going through my Instagram feed I found a page Quotes World which posts well know quotes from all around the world. So one of the quotes was "A year changes you a lot." And that's the last post I read today because this quote actually made sense. Not that the others didn't but this one left a major impact on me. Last year if we consider my eleventh standard then yes it has changed me a lot. And how.. Well read on. Frankly speaking I don't even know how did I finish a year so boring! I mean literally there is not one good moment to look back to. I have enjoyed far more in the one month of twelfth standard than the whole of eleventh. But then maybe this was the reason I changed. I look back to the chats with the person who is so important to me now and all we talked in eleventh was for exchange of notes. Just that. And I am a person who doesn't make friends with a lot of people. I mean I do but a very few of them really matter to me. And when in eleventh with probably no friend at all in the class I realized the smaller that list is the better. Because caring about more and more people is only going to bring disappointments in your life. Eleventh also taught me an emotion called patience. Because during the initial months of the commerce field I chose I would understand nothing taught in class and it all seemed so useless. The same things that are so fun now. That I often used to doubt my selection of stream. But that's when I told myself to be patient. And then with the flow of time things got smooth and now I am so in love with commerce specially Business Studies that I won't trade it for the world. My temperament also changed a lot. I was way too short tempered before. If you really know me you'll know what I am talking about and how much I have changed. Like even petty things would get me fired up AF. But now even in the most heated arguments I have learned to keep a cool head. With the exception of some people. Because out of all the things in this world, words are something you can't take back. So choose them wisely even when you are angry. And the last thing that the last year taught me was to choose your friends wisely. Though however I am yet not so good but believe me I am much better. Because when you have no one to share all your happiness and sorrows you feel kinda lonely but trust me it's much better than sharing those with the wrong people. At this moment if at all anyone really matters to me like their opinion is the first thing I seek whenever in dilemma, their text is the one that lights up my entire mood, their face is the first thing I want to see in the morning and they are the one whom I want to talk to right before I sleep. So a person like this, only and only one. And I hope this doesn't change because we both enjoy unshared attention for each other, by each other. The person's a she definitely. But I wont reveal who. I have other friends too but they don't matter this much to me. But then again if I spend a day without talking to her obviously my mood isn't the best but not that bad too as I have some other idiots who keep me distracted in their own weird way. So to sum it up eleventh was a learning experience and twelfth is showtime! That's all.

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