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4th November 2017


96 days have passed since the last post on the blog and the resolution I took in that post but frankly speaking I think we have grown more closer since that post. I know you better than the four years put together. But yet you don't know me at all. 
But on the other hand you claim to know everything about me. Well now that's an issue because.

Everything you know about me or related to me should come from what you have heard from me. But in our case its everything you have heard from everywhere but me. And the sad part is you didn't        even ask me if anything you heard was true. You just believed the other person so easily. And the saddest part is the treasured chat that I saved as PDF in my mobile which I believed to be ours was me talking to a stranger and you let me believe that it was you for about five months and your reason for never telling me the truth about it was you thought I would have figured it out. Kudos to you! For as vividly I remember you were quite upset when I didn't tell you a thing that hardly mattered to anyone of us. I wish at that time even I could have acted like "I thought you already figured it out." But no. You got a full fledged apology from my side when all I got from you was sarcasm. You prefer that I should remember each and every little thing about you when you can't even remember the most common thing about me. Why is it so that every time you want me to be at my best possible behavior while you treat me like shit. And don't you think that all this is coming from me. As even when you treat me like shit, I do believe that at least there is a way you treat me in. But you know what enough non-existing people had told me to quit talking to you and just give up on our friendship but yet I had a hope that you would come back. That it would be like the extra-classes once again that once for all of this aside we'd be friends again. But sadly however blind I maybe to how you treat me the world isn't. And the world had to matter to me sometime. I could not let anyone anymore think that you could treat me like shit and I would go on tolerating it no matter what. Congratulations to you, you let everyone speak in between us even when you supposedly know that I hate it when anyone speaks in between the two of us. Until the last post only you heard to everyone else. But after that even I started paying some attention myself.

Its not that you treat me badly or something, its just that you never treat me the way I treat you and that my friend is the end of our friendship. Because friendship is a two way road and I am tired of walking all alone to reach a destination where you'll pick someone else mid-way.

Aditi Tiwari.


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